Check out our NEW SITE!

We at The Gathering have a brand new website, filled with tons of Gathering pictures, videos, blog posts (showcasing our NEW MEMBERS), and fun! It takes a little while for the site to gain publicity and move its way up in the Google search results, so spread the word!!

For now, here’s a picture of our first rehearsal with our new members (first row L to R: Megan, Michayla, Morgan, Skyy, and Leila) whom we already love dearly. The first First Friday is in a few days and we couldn’t be more excited! Hope to see you there and at the new website!

gathering babies

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Another Semester, Another Concert

Our apologies for the blogging hiatus this semester. It has been a busy one for all of us and we hope to start fresh next year with renewed blogging fervor!

We did, however, want to announce our TWO upcoming concerts! Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. We are not only having our normal Spring Concert on Saturday April 27th at 4pm, but also a Family and Friends Concert during Graduation Weekend on Saturday May 11th at 4pm. Both are free and open to the public and in the Admissions Presentation Room in the Oxford Road Building.

We decided to hold a Family and Friends Concert because we are celebrating the graduation of four members: Ally, EB, Caitlin and Michelle. Additionally two of our Gathering alums, Sophia and Anupriya, are also graduating. It has been a wonderful four years which has seen the group mature into something really spectacular. As one of the graduating seniors, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that being part of the Gathering has made our Emory careers richer and more fulfilling. We hope to see you at one or both of our concerts to celebrate an amazing year filled with new and old talent.


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A Glamorous Affair: Novemeber 30th

Here’s looking at you, Kid.

Neither Cary Grant, nor James Stewart, nor Humphrey Bogart himself would miss the event of the season! For one night only, (November 30th at 7pm to be exact) travel back to the Golden Age of Hollywood for a night of music at our Fall Concert.

The songs of today mixed with the glamour of yesteryear and a few light refreshments, what could be better? This Friday, prepare your Oscar speech and head on down to the Oxford Road Building (aka: the admissions building, Barnes and Noble’s, etc.) and follow the red carpet to the Admissions Presentation Room, across from the elevators. We cannot wait to see you there, as we don our Old Hollywood personas and celebrate an incredible semester.

Black tie not required, but highly appreciated (Especially in our male guests) So remember: Friday November 30th, at 7pm. See you there!



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First Friday

First Friday was SO MUCH FUN (as always!) Videos of “Wide Awake” and “Come on Over” will be up soon! For now, feast your eyes on our utterly awesome new Pitch Perfect t-shirts in action during our performance:

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A (Pitch) Perfect Start to the Semester!

Welcome back for a new semester! We held auditions a few weeks ago and had to pick from the most talented pool of singers we have ever seen. Look out for bios of the newbies in the coming week!

Tonight we performed at our first gig of the year, before an early Atlanta screening of the new movie “Pitch Perfect.” The movie was incredible and we loved getting the chance to perform our new version of “Wide Awake.” Check out the trailer for Pitch Perfect, its an absolutely hysterical Film!


Tomorrow kicks off the official Emory a cappella season with First Friday! It’s going to be a great year!


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Beat the Heat!

Is the weather too hot? Are you stuck inside a lot this summer?

Pass the time by reliving our spring concert!

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Gathering Spring Concert


Gathering Spring Concert, a set on Flickr.

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